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About Nui Studio

We are a multidisciplinary team for whom a chance encounter between professionals or friends may spark off substantial ideas for new projects. We have founded Nui Studio to realise our ideas as revolutionary and pure as they emerge from the process of design. Our approach is powered by the courage and curiosity to invent something new while carrying on traditions. Our appreciative and systemic point of view leads us to high-end, tailor-made pieces of furniture.

How we work

We analyse things and people's behaviour in everyday life and research its roots into the past. From these observations, we develop new, functional products. Our aim are long-lived products of timeless design which stimulate new ideas as to functionality and a mindful handling of materials and resources. We have set ourselves the task of rejuvenating traditional crafts and trades for present and future use by fusing them with modern technologies.

„The diversity of various disciplines enables the realisation of visions.“

Other Projects

Our approach to design

We believe that understanding the strengths and limitations of different technologies is crucial to creating honest, long-lasting products. This approach, termed “Past Forward”, results in very interesting and successful products: pieces of furniture with the potential to stay high-end, timeless and contemporary for decades. The interest they generate is considerable.

Nui Studio

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