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The search for new, trend-setting product ideas has become one of the key categories in the past few years regarding the development of competitive products "Made in Germany". Important impulses for product design link material research and existing knowledge into new and economical production processes and innovative products. In particular products that offer tangible added value for the user is the focus of this contemporary design process. Nui Studio is a young company dedicated to developing unique interior products with a high level of innovation for the user. Our products are produced under fair conditions and the highest social standards with partners in Germany. In order to be able to maintain this high standard, technological research and relentless development activities are of central importance for our competitiveness. Innovative products are designed to solve existing problems while also focusing on environmental aspects such as sustainability, recyclability and the efficient use of energy. This is only possible with suitable, highly qualified employees. The gap between science and industry, which has always been complained about, is to be closed and a direct link to the design to be established. In order to be able to realize our projects on the targeted level, we have been assisted by a qualified university graduate as innovation assistant, who is able to manage this design and innovation process and to further promote networking with industry to bring innovative new products "made in Schleswig - Holstein "on the way.